Classic Shaving Razor

  • $11.99

Body Toolz brings you the traditional double-edge Classic Safety Razor to recapture the art of shaving! The Classic Razor is still the best shave. This retro model is all stainless steel, with a textured grip handle to prevent slipping and provides a sure grip while shaving. The butterfly mechanism allows for a quick and safe way to exchange the double-edge stainless steel blades. Comes with 5 double-edge stainless steel blades and a zipper case to store your razor.


  • Smooth close shave without irritation
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Non-Slip grip handle
  • Easy butterfly opening
  • Double Edge Stainless Steel Blades


Usage Instructions:

  1. Hold the razor and twist barrel clockwise to open.
  2. Carefully insert blade by holding sides of the blade.
  3. Tightly twist barrel counter-clockwise to close.
  4. Rinse razor after each shave.

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