Gamma+ Cyborg Trimmer



Coming Soon ETA September 2023

DIGITAL BRUSHLESS MOTOR offers more efficient power transfer for smoother operation and reduction of heat, 7500 rpms, high torque density with low vibrations and sound

• ASSEMBLED with a fixed Stainless-Steel X-Pro Wide blade and The One DLC deep tooth cutting blade

• LITHIUM-ION BATTERY with 4 LED lights indicating different battery levels and 3-hour run-time

• FULLY ADJUSTABLE ZERO GAP BLADE for the closest cut and finish

• ANTI-SLIP LED DOCKING STATION with innovative, space saving design charges Cyborg in 90 minutes, may also be charged with universal USB-C cord

• HEAVY DUTY FULL METAL body with ergonomic design and recessed hand grip provides increased stability and safer handling

• SKELETON DESIGN for enhanced visibility to achieve maximum cutting precision

• BLADE SETTING TOOL has a dual-ended design, where one side is configured with a zero-gap setting while the other side sets the blade to the factory standard of 0.3mm


• INCLUDES: 1 Trimmer, X-Pro wide Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade, The One DLC deep tooth moving blade, USB-C charging cord and stand cleaning/maintenance kit, and mini screwdriver

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