King Talc Powder

King Talc Powder

  • $6.99

Talcum is one of the classics of US barbershops. It is applied after a haircut and a shave, absorbs moisture and prevents itching and inflammation, even in the smallest skin folds. It also brightens shaven though dark skin. The skin feels groomed, silky and dry - but not dried out - and gets a wonderful powdery-manly scent in barbershop style.

Besides Clubman Talc and Jeris Talc, King Talc is an absolute barbershop classic by the brand Barbicide, which has been responsible for hygiene in US barbershops since 1947.

The scent is mild and typically "powdery". It is discreet on the skin, yet manly and gives a feeling of perfect groomed cleanliness.

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