Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Set



WA2050-500 (Fits most Wahl Home use Clippers)

Replacing your clipper blades has never been so simple.

The WAHL Hair Clipper Replacement Blade Set features high carbon precision-ground blades which is compatible with all Wahl series WA7900, WA9100, WA9200, WA9300, WA9600 & WA9700 Clippers.

Here is how to correctly oil your blades;

  • 1. With the blade directed downwards, turn the clipper/trimmer on
  • 2. Apply three drops of oil – one on each side and one in the middle
  • 3. With the clipper/trimmer still on, move the taper lever back and forth to work oil into the blade
  • 4. Turn off clipper/trimmer and blot excess oil with a clean towel

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