Elegance Powder Wax 20g

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Elegance Hair Styling Powder Wax | Matte Powder Wax | Natural-Texture Wax | Stronghold Powder Wax

Elegance Powder Wax is a styling and volumizing powder that has a light matte finish, stronghold with a light texture, and natural feel. Thanks to its amazing ability to add instant volume and thickness wherever you need it, our powder wax solves several styling challenges at once. Our styling powder adds fullness to the hair, freshens up oily hair between washes, and provides a firm hold to your hair with a matte finish effect.

  • Matte-effect
  • Provides extra volume and thickness to the hair
  • Stronghold with maximum control
  • Nourishes and protects hair
  • Long-lasting matte finish for a natural look

Hold Time: All day.

Strength Rating: Stronghold.

Size: 20 g. 

Directions: You can apply the powder directly on dry hair (about eight inches from the hair) or even put a little powder on the palm of your hand. It is applied in small amounts, mainly on the roots.  After applying the styling powder, massage the hair until you get the desired volume and texture. The massage will distribute the powder evenly throughout the hair.

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