Redone Aqua Hair Wax White



The RedOne aqua hair wax white delivers an incredible strong hold with long lasting shine. Its remarkable hold performs well for the most demanding and challenging hair styles.Its a water based product, so it washes off the hair and hands with just water. Distributes easily into short to medium hair lengths, even in coarse curly hair and thick hair. Its residue free hair styling formula feels light and clean for a fresh feeling. The high shine feature leaves the hair looking and feeling healthy. Flake free. Signature fresh floral + jasmine scent. (150ML)

Hold and Finish:
Strong hold & high shine

Works best for these hair types:
Fine to thick hair types
Short to medium hair length
Laying down curly hair

Works best for these looks:
Controlled wet looks
Messy wet looks

Start off with a quarter size amount of wax with two fingers, rub between hands. Apply the product with fingers from the root up. Either style with fingers or comb. Works best with either damp or dry hair.


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