RedOne Depilatory Soft Wax Black 500 gr



Discover a superior waxing experience with RedOne Depilatory Soft Wax Black. Its unique formulation makes it especially adept at tackling coarse, thick, or stubborn hair, ensuring a smoother finish every time. Whether you have sensitive or resilient skin, our wax caters to all skin types, providing a gentle yet effective hair removal solution. Say goodbye to time-consuming melting processes; this wax has a quick and easy meltdown time. One of the standout features is its no-strip disposable nature, which adds to the convenience of the product. Simply apply and remove, saving you the hassle of dealing with additional strips. 


  1. Heat up the wax until it melts.
  2. Spread an even layer of wax onto the skin, ensuring the edges are thicker for easier removal.
  3. Follow the direction of hair growth during application.
  4. Wait a brief moment allowing the wax to dry and solidify.
  5. Finally, remove the hardened wax.

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