Stylecraft Click Lever 3pk



  • HIGH QUALITY stainless steel click taper control lever for best performance for cuts and fades
  • 3 PACK OF COLORS - metallic pink, metallic blue, and flat black
  • CLICKING LEVERS PROVIDE EXACT POSITIONING on the clipper to the number level you wish to cut at
  • BEST STORAGE FOR CLIPPERS - do not wrap cord around clipper, hang from hook and use blade cover lid
  • HOW TO CLEAN YOUR TAPER LEVER - gently brush with maintenance kit brush to clear debris, spray blades with disinfectant (optional), wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • EASY INSTALLATION - simply remove the side screw from the tool, remove the old taper. Replace with new taper with screw/washer in parallel position to tool and gently screw in place. Make sure to test lever positioning before use.
  • ENGINEERED AND DESIGNED in Italy, ships from USA
  • INCLUDES: 3 colored clipper taper click levers

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